Reverend Cusack RussellA cottage, Wando Vale

The Vern McCallum Photo Collection

Photos of the Western District of Victoria, Australia, from 1860



Small Schools of the District

When rural populations were higher, families were bigger, and there were no school buses or parents in cars, the schools had to be nearby. Here are some of the smaller schools. If you have more school photos from the district, or information about any of these or other schools, please contact Vern.

Bluff, Branxholme, Drik Drik, Glenorchy, Greenwald, Henty, Hotspur and Strathdownie
Mumbannar, Tahara, Talisker, Wilkin and Wurt Wurt Koort

And, for you to solve, some of our unknown schools are shown below. Please have a look at them.


Our Unknown Schools

If you know more about these schools, please contact Vern.

Possibly Wando Vale school house, 1903  

Wando Vale, 1903: A cottage - possibly the school house

Unknown school   This school might have been on a rural property. Maybe about 1900.
Unknown school   The sign seems to say that this is "... School 2136" but we have not yet traced that number. Do you know where and when this unusual and charming picture was taken?
Unknown group   An unknown school (?) group